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How to use this course

Making the most of the course materials


A MOOC is a 'massive open online course' which is made available, often free of charge, to a large number of people via the internet. MOOCs typically use a mixture of videos, text and quizzes, and sometimes provide a forum for discussion and interaction with fellow learners. This website offers a simplified version of the ESA Monitoring Climate From Space MOOC, enabling participants to access and download all of the core videos from the original course, and read short introductions to each topic. The videos are available here on a continuous basis, and can be enjoyed at your own pace.


The course consists of five themed 'weeks', each of which is made up of several sub-topics. To start the course, go to the Course overview page and begin working your way through each week.


You can watch the topic videos in your browser or download them using the links provided, and a transcript of each of the main videos is also provided. (In some cases, you may need to resize your bowser or scroll down to see the full frame. You can also view the video in a smaller window by clicking the symbol in the bottom right corner of the video).


Buttons are provided under each video to help you navigate back to the course overview page, or subsequent topics.


Additional content, information and features from the original course may be added to this website in the future.

Course developed by Imperative Space for ESA